I can't believe how much my dubs have improved with my new @theangrycalf rope - usually I'd struggle to string more than 12 together consistently and I only broke a few times during Annie - took 20 seconds off my previous time even with a broken arm!


And finally you definitely 1000% need an @theangrycalf belt. Simply put it is an awesome belt that gives you so much confidence


Honestly, can't speak highly enough of Angry Calf, awesome products, great and friendly staff, will be buying all of their products when my wife lets me spend money

Joshua Bryan

Leg day made easy thanks to our new @theangrycalf weight belts, first time ever liking a belt for my lower back issues and getting the support right where I need it to squat hard and heavy again


Came home from work to find this on my bed! So glad it's here! @theangrycalf it's amazing, such a nice feel and the handles are a dreaaam! Show me the double unders!!!!