Angry Calf Recap of The MastersHQ Nationals

Angry Calf Recap of The MastersHQ Nationals

The MastersHQ Journey:

Angry Calf was launched in February this year with the simple goal of making high quality Crossfit gear that was affordable for athletes and actually made a difference to performance.

Around the same time as our Company was launching, a new Masters competition was being developed across Australia branded MastersHQ. To be fair we didn't know a lot about Masters Competitions and it was only through a chance encounter that we were introduced to Mel Robinson and the team who run the MastersHQ season.

As a small start-up Crossfit brand with a limited following, we reached out to the HQ crew and asked if we could participate as a prize sponsor for the season and we were delighted when they took the chance on Angry Calf and bought us on board for their inaugural competition season.

The season is divided into 3 stages.

1. The Online Qualifier

2. The State Finals

3. The National Finals

During the Online stage, athletes take part in various WOD's that are released online and have a set time limit for completion (similar to the Crossfit Open). The Workouts were challenging but achievable within the RX and Open Divisions and the aim for athletes was to qualify Top 5 within their state to earn a spot at their respective State Finals. 

In our experience the Online Qualifying stage was as professionally run as any Online Comp we have encountered during our years in the fitness industry. For a first time competition, there were almost no teething issues and the leader-boards were well maintained and accurate for viewing by all athletes. 

We were lucky enough to be invited to the State Finals for VIC at Crossfit South Wharf as a vendor (and for our MD Sam as a competitor in the Open 30-34 division). The spirit shown throughout the State Final event was amazing by all athletes and once again the day was incredibly well organised, the WOD's were tough but achievable and a fair mix of lifting and cardio that didn't really give any particular athlete a distinct advantage. The top 2 qualifiers from each division in each state earned the right to represent themselves at the National Finals at Crossfit Norwest in NSW last weekend (6&7th/10/2018)

Below is a recap of the events from the National Finals.

All we can say is that we are so grateful that we were given the chance to be part of this incredible ride, Season 1 of MastersHQ was nothing short of sensational! To the athletes that competed & the volunteers that gave up their time at every stage of the season, thank you for your passion and support for both the league and the Angry Calf brand throughout the journey.

To Mel, Rob and the team at MastersHQ, thanks for taking the chance on our brand, this partnership has been amazing and our incredible growth in the first 9 months of 2018 is in no small part a result of the support you have shown us. 

We can't wait to continue this partnership into the future and are already looking forward to WOD #1 of the qualifiers in 2019!

October 6th & 7th 2018 - The MastersHQ National Finals:

WOD #1 - The Angry Calf Triplet:

What a start to the competition! The pace was on from the first pull up and this was an upper body intensive workload, with the shoulders & forearms taking a lot of punishment.

Some great shots of athletes in action below from Anthony Rogers Photography:


This was a super fun WOD, the KB Push Press continued the shoulder burn from WOD #1 and the increased weight on the deadlifts and reps on the box step overs made sure that the fatigue really set in during the 2nd cycle. A great tip for this WOD was to change your deadlift weights immediately after you finished your reps in order to give you a brief break before starting the step overs.


Definitely a WOD for the big lifters in the comp, the strategy for most seemed to be to secure a guaranteed lift with the first overhead and then monitor the competition before going for a PR heavy lift with the 2nd attempt. The atmosphere was electric in the room with some seriously big results being recorded including plenty of new PR's...


What better way to start a cold and rainy day 2 than a swim!

In actual fact, the pool was a lovely 28 degrees and it was better to be in the pool than outside...

This event was significantly harder than it looked on paper, the first 100m got the lungs burning and then the 30 cal Assault Bike pumped all the oxygen into the legs. Trying to get the shoes off to get in the pool for the last 50m was quite the struggle for a few of our athletes and there were some very tired faces by the time they got to the end of the pool. We loved this event because it was a great reminder that strong Crossfit athletes are able to conquer all sorts of physical challenges...


Sprint 1 was exactly that, a quick fire 400m that the fastest athletes completed in sub 1 minute and most athletes were able to complete within 1min 45secs. Sprint 2 was significantly more difficult with athletes (at RX) carrying 60kg sandbags for 200m. The great thing to watch in this event was that the lighter framed athletes were dominant in Sprint 1, but the power athletes really had a major advantage in Sprint 2. It was not unusual to see the athlete that came last in Sprint #1, win Sprint #2.

Another key learning was that trying to run caused a bouncing effect that quickly blew out forearms and biceps resulting in regular drops of the sand bag. The athletes that maintained a consistent and comfortable pace were able to go unbroken and overtake plenty of the pace setters over the last 100m. Never has there been a truer example of "slow and steady wins the race..."


The last event of the series and the name was particularly apt. For athletes chasing a spot on the podium this was the last chance to secure much needed points and it was definitely a WOD that tested who wanted to taste success the most. The 1km row and 30 Clean & Jerks were at a very manageable weight so it became a test of who would knuckle down and push hardest to the finish line. In many heats, athletes went unbroken for the whole 30 C&J which was riveting viewing and showcased the desire to finish strong that really embodied the spirit of the whole Masters Series.


Thanks for taking the time to read through all of our blog. If you are over the age of 30 and looking for a extremely encouraging and rewarding community to be involved in then we would highly recommend taking part in MastersHQ next year. The slogan is "Don't be old, be epic" and from a team that had front row seats to the whole season, we can definitely guarantee you will have an epic time! 

If you are in need of any essential Crossfit gear, check out our website and use the code "LIFTANGRY" to receive 10% Off in the discount section of the Checkout.

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