Get a great deal by combining an Angry Calf Jump Rope with Angry Calf Booty Bands for the ultimate lower body workout. Shape, Tone & Strengthen - Whenever, Wherever!


EOFYS $75.00 Combo Gets you an Angry Calf Jump Rope & A Full Set of 3 Angry Calf Booty Bands (Save $55!!)

Combine our 2 Best Selling Products our Angry Calf Jump Ropes and Angry Calf Hip Circle Booty Bands in these awesome Value Packs!

You don't need us to tell you that our lives are busier now than at any other time in human history.

At Angry Calf we set out to create fitness gear that you can take with you Wherever, Whenever to make sure that you can find enough time each day to help Shape, Tone & Strengthen your entire body and keep yourself looking and feeling great!

We specialize in 2 key products that may be all you need to ensure you stay in great physical shape all year round. 

The Angry Calf Jump Rope is an amazing product, but don't just ask us, check out our instagram page @theangrycalf or the testimonials on this website to hear from the thousands of customers who have tried it and wouldn't use anything else.

Made of lightweight aluminium, the Angry Calf Jump Rope is capable of delivering amazing speed for athletes looking to move from skipping to double unders, but at the same time the unique ball bearing system allows for ultimate control and consistency that makes it great for beginners who are looking at improving their cardiovascular fitness and technique.

The Angry Calf Jump Rope is incredibly popular in the Crossfit Community which is a testament the quality and durability of our product. Oh and did we mention they look sexy AF! With 4 beautiful colors (Pink, Blue, Red & Black) we are certain to have a something to match your activewear!

The other product we are famous for is our Angry Calf Hip Circle Booty Bands.

The bands are made of top quality material with a quad-grip design of cotton, polyester, spandex and an anti-slip latex thread which helps create an anti-slip barrier during your workout. This means you can say goodbye to silicone or rubber-based hip bands and their uncomfortable slipping, pinching and rolling!

The function of these bands is to Shape, Strengthen and Tone the Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Quads & Abs by providing resistance in a variety of body weight exercise movements.

A workout with Angry Calf Hip Circle Booty Bands doesn't need to take long but you will feel the burn for days & see results almost immediately.

Our Booty Bands are used by athletes from all sports but are particularly popular in the Body Building community where Body Tone, Shape & Definition is critical to success. Our bands are also used by a large number of PT's worldwide who see amazing results with their clients.